We believe in commerce but we also believe in environmental longevity and ensuring our great grandchildren can enjoy the planet.  For so long, commercial business has been seen as greedy and a polar opposite to caring for the planet.  We believe there is a way to help the planet whilst still making money.  A way to live differently without compromising on your lifestyle.  We can help the planet and still make money, still enjoy life.  We are going to be part of the next market.  Are you?


We see business and innovation as the best route forward to finding alternatives.  Alternatives which will change the way we live in order to protect the planet.  We believe that by investing in lean, flexible, growing companies who are focusing on their innovation and internal culture we can not only help grow this new market but also profit from it.  We invest in Solutions.  Solutions which work with growing populations, have lower impact on current energy supplies and focus on their people. By championing innovation in areas such as alternative energy, agriculture & manufacturing we can benefit from the opportunity to merge the two, often separate, areas of sustainable living and commercial success.

Our values lie at the heart of everything we do and they are Innovation, Culture, Education.


Invest and breathe life into new innovations and technology to give the world a better chance of winning the war on climate change


Just like our investments we believe in a “our people first” culture.  We believe in the power of working together and empowering our people.


Part of the job of TAKK Cap is spreading the message of what it will really take to stop the war on Climate Change

The Team

Our team is made up of experts in their field who share our views on entrepreneurship, positive internal culture, work/life balance and investing in the future.  The team comes together on projects which allows TAKK to keep overheads down and therefore pass the savings onto our clients

Jim EdmondsonCEO & Founder

Simon LatarcheCFO

Louise OswaldCOO

FourmationCreative Agency

Amy GrovitFrank Investments Compliance

Sam ConniffAdvisor

Alex McPhersonLegal Advisor

Ignition LawLegal Advisors

Ignition FinancialFinancial Advisors