FourmationCreative Agency

Fourmation is a East London based creative agency with a simple philosophy “Great design starts and ends with the consumer”

Formed in 2005 they have worked with some of the worlds leading brands, including Telefonica O2, Red Bull, Reebok, questioning and challenging processes, and giving fresh perspective to the way people view and consume products and services.

Specialising in Retail and Product design, Fourmation refuse to embrace a “house style” and as a result have worked on a wide range of award winning projects over the past decade.

Driven by pride in their craft, they have a passion for building long-term relationships, and an appetite for continually delivering effective design.

Christopher Bell, Creative Director & Trail Runner

John Foden, Creative Director & Sky Diver

“It’s not about being the first, the fastest, or fittest. It’s about choosing your own path and creating your own trail. ”

Christopher Bell, Creative Director