Sam ConniffAdvisor

Sam is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur with 10 successful start-ups to his name, including the Bafta Winning content agency Don’t Panic, the genre defining interactive TV Series Dubplate Drama; and the industry leading Creative Youth Network; Livity. He is also the best-selling author of Be More Pirate, (Penguin: UK, Simon&Schuster:US). He’s a consultant to brands from Red Bull to Mercedes as well as Governments, think tanks and policy makers Be More Pirate:Be More Pirate, or How To Take On The World and Win, published by Penguin Random House is a manifesto for each of us to create the sort of Good Trouble the world needs. It’s based on the true and untold strategy and success of the Golden Age of Pirates as agents of change, leadership and social innovation. As unlikely as that sounds.

“Make Good”

Jim Edmondson, CEO & Founder